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     Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of the pool season this year?

We plan to open the weekend before Memorial Day weekend, with MD Weekend being a fall back date, if needed. We stay open in the late summer, as long as the weather permits. Last summer, we were open until late September.

Why is there an initiation fee?

The initiation fee allows for capital improvements and fosters long term relationships and a sense of ownership. In fact, pool members are part owners of the property, and would receive part of the price of the sale of land, if the membership ever decided to sell. This is how almost all swim clubs operate.

Might there be a possibility for a weekend-only membership with reduced fees?

We don’t offer weekend membership at this time,  because we aren’t able to fully monitor when members visit the pool. We have a key-less entry system, but it  does not allow members entry at certain times of the day or week.

What are the current fees for membership and for guest fees or passes?

The current cost for membership is $350. It costs $5 to bring a guest, and there is a limit of 5 guests per day. We offer a guest pass, for $40, which is a punch card for ten, so that lessens the cost to $4.

Swim lessons are mentioned on the website. Are lessons held on weekends? What is the fee for lessons?

We offer private lessons and group lessons. Our lifeguards teach private lessons, which are set up based on the families' schedules and what works best for them. Our group lessons are taught by swim instructors that come from the Y (taught at our pool). They plan to offer weekday, and hopefully Saturday morning classes, as well. We will know closer to summer if the Saturday classes are available. Tri-Acres members receive a big discount by taking group lessons. Tri-Acres members receive the YMCA member rate, regardless of Y membership!

Lifeguards are mentioned, but it is noted that lifeguards are not on duty during all hours that the pool is open. At what times would lifeguards be available?

Each year, we determine the lifeguard schedule, based on the budget. We place guards on duty as much as our budget will allow. Most years, we have had guards from about 12noon to close during the week, and from open to close on weekends. We plan to have a pool attendant at non-lifeguard times.

The application asks that we sign our agreement with the bylaws and policies of the club. May we review a copy of these policies before applying?

Absolutely. Simply ask for the bylaws of the club, and we will give you a copy. And the policies are just the rules which are stated on the website and application.

A volunteer commitment is mentioned. What does this entail?

Up until recently, the board, consisting of volunteers, has done everything, from getting the pool ready for opening, to landscaping and other projects in the off-season. We believe that since the club is owned by the members, that it is only fitting that everyone “pitch in” just a little. This can include anything from clean up days before opening, to helping with pool parties, to watering flowers or mowing. There are so many small things that need to be done, but if members just help a time or two, it lessens the burden on the board. New members are exempt from the requirement, because we want them to be able to come and enjoy the pool and learn about it first, to see what areas they might enjoy helping with. There are enough active members to help with all that is needed. However, if you are the type of person who likes to get involved, we welcome your involvement.