6420 Weddington Road NW, Concord, NC 28027

Bring Your Friends and Family

Guests are welcome to join in your fun at the pool. Each swimming guest who lives less than 20 miles away should register at the concession stand before entering the pool and pay a $5 guest fee.  

Friends and family living more than 30 miles away are welcome to swim for free.

Limit 5 guests per visit.

 Purchase a guest pass for $40 which includes 10 visits!!  This lowers the guest's cost to $4 per visit.

​**All guests must be accompanied by a member.  Guests failing to pay their visitation fees raise the costs for members.

Members may reserve our shelter...

For $50 any member may reserve the shelter for three hours!  The noon-3pm block is also now open! 

Your reservation includes:

Use of the grill and grill tools (stored in the concession stand)

10 swimming guest passes

For more information please contact: 

Karen at 717-304-0914


We offer warm foods such as:  pizza, corn dogs, and soft pretzels

Candy such as:  kit kats, m&m's, starburst, air heads, and ring pops

Frozen treats such as: ice cream, strawberry shortcake bars, ice cream sandwiches, snickers ice cream bars, and italian ice

We accept cash, check, and credit card.

Grab a concession punch card for $25!!  

Group and Private Swim Lessons Available

 our lifeguards offer swim lessons for our members. If you are interested you may add your child's name to the list hanging on the bulletin board at the front gate or call Karen at 717-304-0914.


Information for members

Stay current with the latest news and events at Tri-Acres Swim Club. 

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Our Families LOVE Our Pool!

Pool Hours: 9:30am-8:00pm

SUN., MON, TUES., THUR, FRI, SAT: 9:30-8:30pm

Wed: 1:00pm-8:30pm

Lifeguards are on staff daily.  

Pool Rules

1. Please observe the “Handicap Parking” areas – be respectful.

2. The Board would appreciate it if the first few arrivals to the facilities each day would park in the grassy area beyond the wooden fence – allowing all members easy access to parking and facilities. Please do not block access to the grassy areas at any time.

3. There will be times where no lifeguards are on duty. It is the responsibility of parents and guardians to assist with the safety of their children in the presence as well as the absence of lifeguards.

4. No running, pushing, wrestling, ducking, dunking or causing undue disturbance will be allowed. The manager or lifeguard, at their discretion, has the authority to determine what is an undue disturbance.

5.  Children under 18 years of age MUST be accompanied by a responsible person 16 years of age or older.

6.  Children under the age of 12, who have passed the basic swim test, administered by the lifeguard, may be permitted to swim in the deep end.

The Basic Swim Test consists of the following:

a. Swimming 2 widths of the pool

b. Jumping in deep water, then treading water for one minute.

7. The pool will be cleared for 10 minutes on the hour for each hour the lifeguard is on duty. This applies to those individuals under the age of 18. When he/she must leave his/her station for any reason, he/she will blow the whistle, order children under 18 out of the water and warn others of his/her intended absence.

8.  Everyone must leave the pool in event of any emergency. The emergency signal is three blasts of the lifeguard’s whistle.

9.  Rings, water belts, and life jackets will be permitted at all times. Truck or auto type inner tubes and Styrofoam floats will not be permitted.

10. Children who are “non-swimmers” are not allowed beyond a point at which they cannot safely stand with their heads above water - unless accompanied by an adult.

11. Pool games, balls, face masks, goggles, fins and snorkels will be permitted only in accordance with maximum safety. When the pool becomes crowded, these activities will be curtailed by the lifeguard.

12. All persons using the pool do so at their own risk. The Club will not be responsible for any accident or injury in connection with such use.

13. Any damage to property of the Club incurred or caused by a member or a guest shall constitute a debt of the active member of the Club. This debt shall be immediately due and payable.

14. No offensive activities or language.

15. No Glass containers.

16. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs allowed on the premises.

17. No intoxicated individuals.

18. No weapons allowed.

19. Only authorized persons behind the concession counter.

20. First aid kit is under supervision of the lifeguard or pool manager on duty.

21. Lifeguard has the authority to expel any individual for one day if he has violated any of the rules.

22. All members and their guests must register at the concession stand prior to admission to pool.

23. All members must bring their ID card for admission to the pool. No ID – No Swim!!

24. If thunder is heard, everyone must leave the pool for 15 minutes. If lightning is seen, everyone must leave the pool for 30 minutes.

25. Under no circumstances are non-swimmers allowed in the diving area. A non-swimmer is someone who cannot pass the basic swimmer’s test.

26. Diving must be conducted in a safe and orderly manner under the lifeguard’s supervision.

27. No free swimming in the diving area, when diving board is in use.

28. Swimmers diving from the diving board should do so straight off the board – diving at angles is not allowed.